ZOWIE provides the right monitor for your eSports of choice


ZOWIE provides the right monitor for your eSports of choice

ZOWIE understands that every competitive gamer has his or her own preferences depending on the platform and game title. With this in mind, ZOWIE offers two series of monitors: one for console eSports, and one for PC.

The XL series is widely used by professional PC eSports players and tournaments worldwide due to its set of features that enable a smooth image, clear visibility in dark scenes, and game modes that allow the players to pick the optimal setting for each game they play.

Casual gamers are used to playing consoles on TV sets, but serious gamers require monitors to provide the best experience while playing their games. The RL series is the right choice for all competitive professionals in console titles like fighting, sports or FPS. With the RL series, players can experience instant and smooth response, which is crucial in FPS and fighting games. The head-to-head mode of the RL2460 is unique, allowing players to connect the console to two monitors for zero-lag play facing each other on their own screens instead of sharing one.

In DreamHack Austin, ZOWIE has set the standard for competitive gaming by providing the XL series for all PC players. Additionally Capcom Pro Tour’s Street Fighter V tournament and the Pokken tournament will feature the RL series to ensure that all players enjoy the smoothest and lag-free monitors and perform their best abilities.

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