The Collegiate Starleague at DreamHack

CSGO, League of Legends, DOTA2, HS & SC2

The Collegiate Starleague at DreamHack Austin 2016

The Collegiate Starleague is the world’s first and longest continuing collegiate gaming organization. Founded in 2009 as a small grassroots Starcraft tournament, the CSL now provides over 500 North American schools with a multi-title competitive outlet both online and live at LAN events — with this year’s finals bringing teams to none other than Dreamhack Austin!

Some of the biggest names in collegiate esports will be battling it out in five different games, including schools like UC Berkeley, Temple, University of British Columbia, Cal Poly Pomona, Cornell, San Jose State, University of Michigan, NYU and Montreal Polytechnic.

Besides offering live tournament action at Dreamhack Austin, CSL will also be hosting mini events like panels and live podcasts, as well as an open-play area courtesy of ASUS. Try your hand at a scrim, watch some live games, and talk to some of the best collegiate gamers and personalities, all in one area!

You can watch playoffs on the CSL Twitch channel and catch up on all the news on Which schools will be able to call themselves the best in North America? We will find out on the floor of DreamHack!