Meet the real PAYDAY crew

Meet the real PAYDAY crew

At DreamHack Austin you’ll get the chance to meet with Almir who is OVERKILL’s Global Brand Director and a well known name and face in the PAYDAY community. But he’s not alone.

At the event you’ll also get to meet the real PAYDAY crew – namely the actors behind the masks! Dallas (Eric Etebari) and Chains (Damion Poitier) will be at DreamHack Austin on Saturday together with Almir.

They are ready for your questions, a probable selfie frenzy, shaking hundreds of hands and just hanging out with fans and players. Meet them this Saturday in the Fanzone at 12:30pm

As a bonus, the gang will also be joined by Georgia van Cuylenburg – a talented voice actor who’s appeared in games such as Final Fantasy and Star Wars – The Old Republic.