Meet, Greet, & Beat a Pro!


Meet, Greet, & Beat a Pro!

Division Zero is teaming up with Reason Gaming’s pro CS:GO eSports team! Our booth will be featuring a “Meet, Greet, & Beat a Pro” CS:GO competition with 2 players from Reason Gaming, currently ranked #19 in the EU. Andrew Thursfield (AndrewIsGod) and Tim Grantham (ttgzaN) will be flown out from Europe to join us at DreamHack. All participants will receive a new Division Zero Pro Gaming Mouse Pad. Winners who actually beat our pros will have the chance to win an entire gaming set, complete with: the X40 Pro Gaming Mechanical Keyboard, a colored top panel, M50 Pro Gaming Mouse, 47W-Flex Mouse Pad, and a Mouse Bungee!

Are you a pro typer? Test out your typing speed on our new X40 Pro Gaming Mechanical Keyboard with badass Alpha-Zulu switches. We will be having a typing competition with daily prizes including the X40 Pro Gaming Keyboard and the M50 Pro Gaming Mouse for our winners.

There will be tons of opportunities to win some awesome gaming gear every day! Don’t want to wait to be a winner? Come check out our booth for some special DreamHack deals on our new gaming line.