DreamHack is all about the LAN party! The ultimate way to experience a DreamHack event is to bring your gaming rig, jack into our network and game on. Visitors will be able to play in BYOC competitions, play casually with their friends, meet new people and check out everything else happen at DreamHack, including the esports, expo, indie game zone and more!

To participate in the DreamHack LAN all you need is to purchase a BYOC LAN ticket. Seat booking will open up for regular pass holders on January 14th, and for premium founder pass holders on January 1st, so make sure to select your seat quickly to be able to guarantee sitting with your friends!

Visitors are welcome to bring either their PC tower and monitor, or a laptop, or a console if they prefer. Gamers of all types are welcome in the LAN party so be sure to join in. LAN seats are limited in availability so make sure to waste no time in securing yours!

For any questions about the LAN be sure to read up on the FAQ, and if you still have questions shoot us an email to [email protected]. All LAN visitors will go through a check-in process to identify their PCs, and no one is allowed to leave with a PC without going through check-out to confirm ownership so theft should not be a concern. See the FAQ for more details.