DreamHack Austin is fast approaching, and we’re excited to have you join us for our first event in North America! We want to make sure you’re prepared for the Bring Your Own Computer (BYOC) event with the information below:

What you NEED to bring:

  • PC – BYOC stands for “Bring Your Own Computer”. No free-play machines are available at this event
  • Monitor – Max of 27 inches, and only one monitor unless you purchased a second seat
  • Peripherals – Mouse, Mousepad, Keyboard, Headset
  • Ethernet cable – 10 meters / 30 feet. We cannot guarantee that we will have extra. Consider bringing a spare in case your friend forgets theirs!
  • Power strip – YOU MUST BRING YOUR OWN POWER STRIP. Maximum 6 outlet power strips. 3ft or longer cords to ensure you can reach the outlets with no issues.

We have a few hundred 30feet tp cables & power strips for sale at the DreamHack Merchandise stand. 30feet tp for 18USD, Powerstrip for 15USD.

What you might want to bring:

  • Refillable water bottle – Stay hydrated! We have plenty of accessible water fountains and bubblers.
  • Security devices – If you have a laptop or want to lock up your desktop bring a cable lock, we will not have any available on site. The LAN area is secure but if you feel you would like the extra protection go ahead.
  • Personal support items – Please don’t forget any inhalers, medications, insulin, or other personal health items you need.

What NOT to bring:

  • Outside food or drinks – Sorry, but no outside food or drinks. Concessions will be available in the convention center next to the LAN area all night!
  • Coolers, Minifridges, etc – Coolers are big, and can leak, minifridges are also space hogs and use a lot of power, these are completely prohibited. And again, no outside food or drink
  • Bottled waters – Same rule as outside food or drinks. Again, we have plenty of accessible water fountains and bubblers, so bring an empty re-usable bottle
  • Weapons – Leave your pocket knives and other blades at home. If you’re bringing tools, make sure your set or multitool does not have a blade

Additional Information:

  • Early Badge Pickup – We will open up at 10am Friday so that you can come and get your badge, so that you can bring your stuff right in when the BYOC actually opens on Friday 3PM. BYOC Founders pass holders have access from 1PM.
  • BYOC Tournaments – The BYOC LAN will have many tournaments throughout the weekend. Signups for these are listed here:
  • DreamHack Merchandise Stand – All DreamHack Merchandise stand sales are credit charges done through an app interface. No cash, no checks, and no on-site card swipe/chip scanner will be there. And reminder, we will have some power strips and network cables handy.


  • Can I bring a console? – While you CAN bring them you can’t use both a console and a PC at the same time. We are also not planning any tournaments for consoles, and will be unable to assist with network issues on them
  • Wait, I have to bring my own power strip? – Yes! Bring your own power strip! We will have some for sale in the merchandise store for anyone who forgot theirs
  • And seriously, a 10m/30ft cable? – Better to be safe than sorry. We want to ensure you’re able to connect to the LAN

Network rules:

  • No Torrenting – Period. Legal or not, bandwidth restrictions apply
  • No Viruses/Malware/etc – Scan your machine before you show up, please.

Abuse of network access will be taken very seriously
A quick note on Hygiene: We’ll all be LANing for hours and we know intense gaming can work up a sweat as the LAN goes on. Bring stick deodorant with you so you can freshen up if you’re in the LAN for long hours. Avoid colognes and bodysprays, these just add on to the smell problem and many people are allergic. Even if you intend on marathon-ing the whole LAN consider taking a break to return to your hotel room for a shower. Your next-seat-neighbors will thank you!