DreamHack Austin Cosplay Championship 2016

DreamHack Austin Cosplay Championship 2016

DreamHack Cosplay are proud to announce the first stop on the DreamHack World Cosplay Tour heading towards Summer 2017 & the 10 000 USD prize pool. DreamHack Austin will feature a prize pool of 2 000 USD & 1 000 towards travel & accommodations for the first prize winner to DreamHack Summer 2017 & a spot in the 10 000 USD Cosplay Championship.

The DreamHack Cosplay Championship at Austin will be in a catwalk format where Cosplayers will be invited on stage to pose & show of their costumes before a short interview. DreamHack Austin will also include a Hallway Cosplay Contest, one of the Cosplayers roaming around the floor during the event will be presented with a prize worth 250USD after the event through email.

To sign up for the DreamHack Austin Cosplay Championship, Cosplayers need to purchase entrance for Sunday. The Hallway Cosplay is registered throughout Friday & Saturday but presented on Sunday during the prize ceremony & Cosplay Championship.

Sign up here today:

Upon the event, Cosplayers will be contacted with additional information for the championship.


COMPETITION: DreamHack Austin Cosplay Championship 2016
RULES: DHA16 Cosplay competition rules
PRIZE MONEY POLICY: www.dreamhack.se
PRIZE POOL: Grand Total 3 000 USD
1: 1000 USD + 1000 USD travel and accommodation support
2: 500 USD
3: 250 USD
Hallway: 250 USD